March 18, 2017

The Unholy Bible: Machinations 1

1 The Machinations of The Flesh, which Satan shall give unto it, to shew unto its masters things which may long remain unfinished; and she shall send and signify it by her demon unto her servant N'hoj:

2 Who shall feign ignorance of the works of Satan, and of the deceit of The Flesh, and of few words that she shall hear.

3 Cursed is she that speaketh, and the one who enacts the deeds of this falsehood, and let fly the knowledge which is spoken thereout: for the time is not yet at hand.

4 N'hoj to the seven tyrants which are in America: Terror be taken from thee, and discord, to her which is not, and which will be, and which already came; and to the seven Demons which are behind her throne;

5 And to The Flesh, who is the unfaithful liar, and the last murdered of the living, and the whore of the slaves of the sky. From her that shall love thee, and shall dirty thee with thine righteousness derived from her stolen breath,

6 And shall make thee slaves and heretics against Satan and her Mother; to her be neither damnation nor servitude forever. Shemhamforash.

7 Flee, she departs with the earth; and no ears shall hear her, and they also that will heal her: and no manner of folk of the earth did celebrate because of her. And so, Shemhamforash. 

8 Thou art median, and mediocre, saith the Whore, which was, and shall be, and which already came, the Deviant.

9 I N'hoj, who am neither thine sister, nor companion in victory, and in the bondage and haste of The Flesh, shall be upon the isle that is called Long, for the work of Satan, and the deceit of The Flesh.

10 I shall be in Flesh on the Whore's day, and see before me a dark personage, as of an assassin,

11 Making evident, Thou art unremarkable, and mediocre: and, What we hear, erase from history, and take it from the seven tyrants which are in America; from New York, and from Los Angeles, and from Chicago, and from Houston, and from Philadelphia.

12 And thou shalt stay to hear the personage that shall speak with thee. And standing so, thou shalt see seven brass bells;

13 And beyond the seven brass bells one unlike the Daughter of woman, stripped naked with no garments from foot to head, who throws off the golden girdle.

14 Her feet and flesh shall be black like coal, as black as sin; and her tongue shall be a river of ice;

15 And her hands like unto razor granite, as if they were sharpened at a lathe; and her breath like the force of a hurricane.

16 And she shall have beneath her left foot seven gigolos: and into her womanhood shall go a bulbous phallus: and her deceit shall be as the Moon hidden in its cunning.

17 And when thou shalt hear her, thou shalt rise at her hand invigorated. And she shall remove her left foot from upon thee, saying unto thee, Despair; thou art unremarkable;

18 Thou art mortal, and shall be dust; and, turn to thine deeds, thou art dust for only a short time, Shemhamforash; and may pass not through the doors of Heaven and life.

19 Erase the words thou shalt hear, and the knowledge which is not, and the teachings which were made revealed;

20 The truth of the seven gigolos which thou shalt hear beneath mine left foot, and the seven brass bells. The seven gigolos are the demons of the seven tyrants: and the seven brass bells which thou shalt hear are the seven tyrants.