February 07, 2017

Left-hand Tarot #32) It's Not What You Think

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If I write my name totally backwards, then apparently my demon name is, "Sllub Semaj." Kinda cool. Might even sneak it into my Satanic rituals and see if anybody notices. What other demonic names can we conjure here today? Let's run the following people through a Satanic demon filter:
  • Donald Trump = P'murt D'lanod
  • Mike Pence = Ecnep Ekim
  • Alex Jones = Senoj Xela
  • Lady Gaga = Agag Ydal
  • Beyonce = Ec'noyeb
  • George Soros = Soros Egroeg
  • Barack Obama = Amabo K'carab
  • Pope Francis = Sicnarf Epop

Of all the things that I'm really bad at predicting in a reading, it's what job a person should do. For whatever reason, these questions seem to come in a flurry with several people all asking this question at once, and then nothing for a while. Which is fine with me, because honestly - every time I get this question, "What job should I do?," I want to say, "Well, what job do you want to do?," and then tell them to just go get it. Because life is like that: if you pick a goal and persistently work toward achieving it, you'll often get what you want. I'm not saying that anybody anywhere can get anything - that's just not the way the world is - but I am saying that you'll get a whole lot more in life when you TAKE IT instead of anxiously hoping for it to appear.

via Church of Satan
Strictly speaking, the 1st amendment exists to protect private citizens from censorship by by the government. When private citizens protest private citizens, that's called free speech. And while I adamantly oppose the violence wrought by protesters, I think that making a big complaint about the protesters without actually considering the implications of the person or message they're protesting is a bit short-sighted. If you don't know why people are exercising their freedom of speech to protest against the message Milo wanted to bring to UC Berkeley, then you're not even seeing a third of what's happening here.