February 28, 2017

Left-hand Tarot 2/28/2017

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So, Adam Nimoy has successfully crowdfunded a documentary about the Star Trek series Deep Space 9, "What We Left Behind." Read more.

War is not good for business. Read more.

Republicans in the house and senate are catching fire from the people in their districts and some of them are so upset about being told to do their job by the people who put them in office that they're accusing the people at their town hall meetings of being paid protesters. Read more.

On the topic of politics, how about those Syrian refugees? Contrary to popular belief, they're not actually a nameless army of brown-skinned invaders here to spread Sharia law. Believe it or not, but they'd actually rather go back to Syria. And speaking as an ex-pat American in Canada, I understand completely. Read more.

Do you ever get irritated about the expectations people put on you regarding how you should live or what you should be doing to be successful? Yeah. Me too. Read more.

Looking for political positions within Satanism? Look no further than animal rights. Read more.

Again with the politics? This time, people are casting spells against Donald Trump. Read more.

Even more politics? Yep: if you're a Satanist who embraces the role of the accuser and opposer who challenges the powerful and tears down that which may be destroyed by truth, then you should care deeply about the raft of states who are crafting laws to criminalize protest. Read more.

Regarding Tarot, Do you want me to be your teacher? Chances are excellent that I'll say no. Read more.