January 27, 2017

Left-hand Tarot #31) Let's Talk Tarot

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I haven't talked as much as I'd like about Tarot lately, so this episode of Left-hand Tarot is all about the Tarot. Let's dive in!

Card of the day? I think not. For my preferences, Card of the Day exercises are a sure recipe to over-dose on navel-gazing. I can only look at myself so much before I'm turned around in circles. I find that if I turn my attention outward toward other people and current events, I do a better job of understanding who I am in context to them and how my place in the world really operates. It's a bit of lateral thinking, but it's useful for me and that's why I typically don't do CotD exercise. Read more.

I'm a big fan of using set arrangements of cards versus free-form readings where you just lay down cards and say whatever you feel like. I think that structure provides definition which aids in the comprehension of the message. But having said that, not all arrangements are created equally and that's why I don't like to use the position of "final outcome." Let me tell you why. Read more.

Managing a sitter's anxiety is an important skill that every Tarot reader has to learn if only to get the sitter to the end of the reading so he she can pay you for services rendered. Other than that, it's also an important skill to learn because it's part of lesser magic: how to use all the tools at your disposal to modify another person's behavior and attitude. And other than that, it's also a good skill to learn for general conversational - learn how to defuse tension and you can get anybody through anything. They might even learn something important before the end of the reading. Read more.