January 13, 2017

Left-hand Tarot #30) Intuition is Over Rated

Today is Friday the 13th. Perhaps you're worried that it's a day of ill omen? And perhaps you're an idito. As you may or may not know, Friday the 13th is only an unlucky day if you're a Knight Templar, because that's the day when Pope Innocent II had them all arrested and put away. If you're not a Knight Templar, then Friday the 13th is just as ominous as Thursday the 12th and Saturday the 14th. Read more.

This isn't specifically about Satanism, but as many parallels as there are between Gardnerian Wiccans and frequently just other-Wiccans, it's hard to not see the same kind of relationships between Satanism (as codified by Anton LaVey) and Satanism as it's developed outside the Church of Satan.

One of the fundamental conflicts that exists between members of the Church of Satan and other people who practice Satanism is a lot like how the Gardnerians never adopted or even acknowledged the Wiccan Rede. There's such a divide between other-Wiccans and Gardnerians that the two frequently don't reconcile. Likewise, there's such a divide between CoS-Satanism and other-Satanism that the two just don't connect.

Also interesting to me in this discussion is how so-called "traditional witches" (the definition changes all the time) typically don't believe in a policy of "harm none," or believe in a principle of spiritual retribution. Magic is as magic does, and there's no grand, cosmic balancing force to see that everybody gets an ultimate reward or punishment. Satanism, Witchcraft, and Wicca are cultural contemporaries, so it's fascinating to see where they diverge, where they conjoin, and where they separate. Read more.

Oh, yeah - this too: I did a 90 minute interview with another YouTuber who wanted to talk about Satanism, greater magic, ritual, Tarot, and the Illuminati. Check it out!

Dear Intuitive Readers: I know it's very trendy right now to just lay cards down on the table - as many cards as you like, in any configuration that comes to mind - and then just look for an answer, but please remember that for those of us who prefer the analytical approach using set positions and assigned meanings in a Tarot reading, trying to respond to your request for second opinions is like trying to find Waldo:

This is what it's like when somebody throws a mess of cards on the table,
says nothing, and just expects you to figure it out.
Let's pretend that Waldo is the sitter: "Hi, I'm having relationship problems with Wanda. I feel like Odlaw is coming between us, and I don't know what to do about it." Then let's pretend that the image above is the cards laid on the table. Waldo, Wanda, and Odlaw are all definitely in there, but it's going to take a very long time to find them. Answering Waldo's relationship question would be a lot easier if Waldo, Wanda, and Odlaw were highlighted in the image and were plain to see. This would make it much easier to see the connections and give a useful answer, because the way it is now - just hunting around for Waldo, Wanda, and Odlaw - it's a complete mess.

So if you're one of those people on the interwebs who's posting pictures of a a whole mess of Tarot cards and asking for a second opinion, please remember that you're going to get more and better answers from the other readers (and the other professionals like myself who do this full-time) if you do the bare minimum amount of work and tell us which cards are assigned to which actors. You're welcome to use a free-form, fully intuitive approach to the cards, but there are a whole lot of readers (myself included) who won't be able to help you with it.

Now, seeing as I posted the above text as a short rant in a Facebook community for Tarot readers, I thought it only fair that I offer a free reading so that other readers can get an idea what I'm talking about. It's very easy to fall into the solipsistic trap of thinking that everybody reads Tarot the same as you, but the reality is that there are a lot of readers - much like myself - who don't claim to have psychic abilities, who don't rely on intuition, and who devote a lot of effort to the performance of a Tarot reading. So with that in mind - if you're reading this on my blog - you're welcome to skip to the end of the video and watch me give a sample of my reading style. There's some other discussion there, too, but you'll have to tune in live to find out.