September 07, 2016

Left-hand Tarot #23) Problems & Solutions

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Well, it's about time!
  • Clients always ask that thorny old question: "Yes, but when will it happen?" If you're going to be a Tarot reader worthy of the name, then you've got to learn how to anticipate this question and either deliver a bold-faced lie or learn a systematic approach to actually divine an answer. Read more.
A third-side solution to the Trolley Problem.
  • A run-away trolley full of passengers is coming down the tracks, but there's a split ahead: one person has been tied to the left track, but four people have been tied to the right track. You're too far away to untie anybody, but you can choose to pull a lever and divert the train left and only kill one person. Do you choose to pull the lever and kill one person? Or do you refuse to pull and lever and let four people die? Perhaps there's a third side to this riddle... Read more
You're such an entitled brat! Stop whining!
  • So, YouTubers who make their living recording viral videos for the masses have recently discovered that Google is refusing to monetize certain types of content. And some of the content they're not monetizing belongs to anti-SJW's who have long argued that victims only have themselves to blame for not overcoming the weight of circumstance. How's it feel when the shoe's on the other foot? Pick yourself up! Carry on! Read more.