August 22, 2016

Left-hand Tarot #21) Look a Little Closer


Tarot Avenue posted a list of frequently asked questions that are posed by new Tarot readers covering everything from how long to shuffle, how to "clear" a deck, and who's allowed to touch the cards. Naturally, I've got a few thoughts on the matter. Read more here.

And on the topic of frequently asked questions - what's up with Lenormand cards? Apparently a fair number of readers are caught on either one side or the other of a debate that Tarot is for deep thinks and tender feelings, but Lenormand is for straight answers and simple prediction. I've got news for you, folks: the difference is entirely within your head. Dreadlock Tarot blogged about Lenormand recently, and I thought it was great. Read more here.

And on the topic of looking a little closer and seeing things for what they are... Remember those folks from the Satanist Church who poured costume blood over a statue of the Virgin Mary on Christmas Eve near a Catholic Church? They're doing (another) black mass, and tell me if you think I'm wrong, but it doesn't look like they're going to achieve their goal of de-programming Christianity. Read more here.