August 07, 2016

Left-hand Tarot #19) Identity Crisis

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  • Who am I? Say my name! I fucking dare you to say my name! Okay... all hyperbole aside, what's the deal with Satanists who refuse to say the words, "Satanic Temple?" You're not Harry Pottery trying to avoid Death Eaters who are hunting anybody saying the real name of You-Know-Who. Refusing to say somebody's name because you're worried about what other people might think is just silly. Read more.
  • I've finished the 30-question Tarot challenge! After much procrastination, an out-of-town trip for a doctor visit, an out of country trip for a wedding, and a lingering sinus infection, I've completed what may be the most exhaustive index of my highly opinionated views on Tarot, ever. Check it out! 
  • How do you avoid the trap of projecting your own life and experiences into every reading that you do? The short answer is, you don't. Every reading you do will always be influenced by your perspective. You can only try to avoid the most overt personal influences and acknowledge that your life experiences and personal philosophy are going to shape your reading style, and by extension, the kind of clients you'll attract and retain. Read more.
  • New to Tarot? I've got 10 tips that I think are going to make your life a lot easier. Read more.
  • Maybe you've heard of the Lenormand Grand Tableau, but you can also do this with the Tarot. Remove all the pips, shuffle the trumps, and lay them out in three rows of 7 cards with one card off to the right. Divide it into past, present, and future left-to-right, and unknown, known, and desired top-to-bottom. For reasons I'll explain, this isn't a spread I'd use as-is, but I'll show you how it's supposed to work and give it a shot. Come have a laugh watching me figure out a new Tarot spread! Read more.