May 12, 2016

Left-hand Tarot #14) Between Wolf and Dog

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Coming out of the Tarot closet: Do you read Tarot? Did you ever have a situation where you struggled to express your new-found interest to the people who thought they knew you?
The Persistent Problem of Psychic Fraud: Tarot readers frequently have great authority and influence over their clients, and as you can read in the news, there are persistently Tarot readers who'll abuse this influence for their own advantage. How do you know you're dealing with a good guy, and how do you know you're getting robbed?
Take Responsibility for Yourself: It's not easy being the Emperor, but somebody's got to do it. Assuming that you're your own emperor, then step up and do it because if you don't somebody else will and chances are good you won't like the outcome.
Don't blame Mercury-retrograde for your own problems: as stated recently by Vice, if your life sucks, it's not the fault of the stars. It's your own fault because you're a sucky person.