April 12, 2016

Left-hand Tarot #12: International Man of Mystery

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Holy smokes! Has it been a whole month since I recorded the last episode? Sheesh, I've been lazy. Well, I've also been hurt, sick, or busy: I got a vasectomy on the 21st of last month (the timing with the Spring equinox is entirely coincidence), and it didn't go well. This resulted in a longer-than-expected recovery period, and since I couldn't pick up anything much heavier than 25 lbs., this also meant that the laundry piled up and the rest of the house generally turned to shit. And if you're a parent of two or more young children, you'll understand how quickly this happens. And just when I was starting to really feel okay again after the vasectomy, we ordered pizza and the whole family got sick with norovirus because somebody on the pizza prep line didn't wash his or her hands after taking a dump. Incidentally, if you're ever in Sault Ste. Marie, Ontario, don't ever buy pizza from RJ's Market.

Where was I? Yes! This episode I'm taking inspiration for the three segments from the Austin Powers trilogy because I thought it would be a fun way to dismantle silly myths about magical man-parts and how they're supposedly responsible for a man's strength and power. I'm also going to poke fun at myths that a man's seminal discharge is responsible for his strength, and in these (usually) Chinese myths, it's okay for men to masturbate, but not okay for them to ejaculate. At any rate, there's a difference between a vasectomy which severs the vas deferens and castration which severs the entire scrotum. If you don't understand the difference between these two things (and why a vasectomy doesn't interfere with the male sex hormones produced in the testes), then don't bother tuning in because you're a special kind of stupid that I can't fix.

International Man of Mystery
The Spy Who Shagged Me
  • Do you feel like you just got schlonged by a really shitty reader? It happens. But does this mean that your bad reading is useless?
  • More on the theme of pathetically vague readings, as well as my opinion on readers who stuff their readings full of spirit-world, past-life, and utterly woo-woo nonsense.
  • On the subject of nonsense, let's talk about the habit that some readers have of steering the content of their readings toward an exclusive emphasis on the positive.
  • And on the subject of "good news only" readings and the readers who give them, let's talk about Christian psychics, so-called "angelic wisdom," and what I happen to believe is the inherent hypocrisy of people who believe they communicate with literal (not metaphorical) entities that exist only within the framework of Christian mythology.
  • What happens when the Satanic sins of forgetfulness of past orthodoxies and herd mentality combine?
    • This is an unscripted segment