March 08, 2016

Left-hand Tarot #10: the Apocalypse Trilogy

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Welcome to episode #10 of the Left-hand Tarot podcast in which I discuss my usual potpourri but place a special emphasis on the polarity that I try to communicate in my readings. This is going to talk a lot about how Tarot is an external ritual used to express an internal philosophy, and my impression that so many of the Tarot readers I met are either ignorant of the gnostic Christianity, kabbalah, and Hermetic philosophy in their Tarot or they just don't care - and believe it or not, that's kind of an important thing to be aware of when you get into an occult system. Prepare yourself for the apocalypse!

The Thing
The Prince of Darkness
  • Tarot is more than a cheap parlor trick: it's a coded language used to represent a deeper philosophy. Are you aware of what philosophy was used to shape your cards?
  • The importance of destruction in the creative process. Or to quote the sage, "You can't make an omelette without breaking a few eggs."
  • There and back again: a discussion spanning the pendulum swing from chaos into balance into rigidity and back again. Or, the philosophy I try to communicate in my readings.
In the Mouth of Madness
  • The presence of "bad news" cards in the deck isn't a nod to the dark side (although I'll take every nod I can get), but an open statement that the full spectrum of human experiences must be available in the Tarot. If you cut out the bad, you're handicapping yourself as a reader and doing a disservice to your clients.
Post Mortem
  • I reviewed "How to Read Tarot under Any Circumstance," from Theresa Reed and explored the good, the bad, and the ugly. I give the book a C+, but that doesn't mean it's worthless: I definitely got my value. Check it out!
  • Just say "no" to unpaid work. Also, just say "no" to clients who don't respect you. Every time I've met a client who pushed for fast delivery or didn't respect my boundaries I got burned. There have been no exceptions to this rule.