February 22, 2016

Left-hand Tarot #9: Enter the Ritual Chamber!

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Satan demands study, not worship.
Enter the ritual chamber.

  • The ritual chamber of a Tarot reading requires focus. It's no place for feeling self-conscious. The strong reader must be completely present in the ritual.
  • A skeptic went to a Tarot reader and learned to embrace the future. Join a discussion about investing yourself in the ritual chamber of a Tarot reading, suspending disbelief, and using a tool for what it really does (as opposed to what you'd like it to do.)
  • But I'm not saying that it's all bullshit...
    • unscripted
Know your limits and learn how to work within them (and even exploit them) for your own success.
  • Speaking of tools, Tarot is a fantastically powerful tool, and not just for all the obvious reasons. For the same reason that Tarot challenges perspective and invites the subject of the ritual to indulge in an alternate reality, Tarot is an amazing tool for artistic expression and creative writing.
  • But as wonderful of a tool as the Tarot is, it's not a magic wand. The first lesson that any successful witch or warlock must learn is to work within her or his own limits.
It's all about the Benjamins, baby.

Enough about me, let's talk about you! And by you, I mean me.
  • Speaking of doing things one bite at a time, my work in progress continues and I'm slowly but steadily writing a summary of all 3,003 two-card combinations in the Tarot. I've got plans for this project. Oh, do I ever have plans.